Go Bananas

I was sitting at my kitchen counter this morning, drinking a cup of coffee and going over my schedule for the rest of theweek, when I noticed that something really smelled. Now I’m used to my house smelling, but the odor is usually wet dog, or dry dog that has rolled in something nasty, or just plain dog because dogs are a bit stinky. This smell was much sweeter than those. No less pungent, but certainly less offensive. Ripe and sugary, and so familiar that it started to make my mouth water. My stomach gurgled and I realized that what I was smelling was banana nut bread. The kind my mom would make; the warm, delicious recipe from her Fannie Farmer cookbook, a copy of which she gave me as a gift for Christmas one year. Well aware that neither I nor D had made banana bread in months at least, I looked around for the source of the bread fake out and discovered that I was sitting right next to a fruit bowl that held several extremely ripe bananas. I need to use these suckers in the next couple of days. Despite my momentary craving for Mom’s banana walnut loaf, it’s not feeling like much of a banana bread week, so I decided to go in search of other options. Turns out there’s a lot you can do with a few ripe bananas! Check out some of the banana recipes below and stay tuned to find out which one I decided to try!

Banana Nut French Toast

Tropical Spinach Salad with Bananas

Kale Apple Banana Smoothie

Banana Empanadas

Banana Blueberry Swirl Popsicles

Banana Corn Fritters

Spicy Banana Ketchup

Banana Walnut Chocolate Chunk Cookies


2 thoughts on “Go Bananas

    • You’re very welcome! That smoothie looks delicious, such a lovely color. I thought the banana ketchup sounded intriguing as well. Maybe with a sweet potato and black bean burger?

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