Soft Shell Crab Sandwiches


It’s crab season in Maryland. What a wonderful time of year. The local crab houses are steaming up Chesapeake Bay crabs instead of frozen ones shipped up from the Gulf, and the ever-bustling Baltimore Farmers’ Market features a stand where you can purchase live crabs to steam in the comfort of your home, if you’re feeling adventurous. D and I visited the Market yesterday morning and were pleasantly surprised to find that in addition to his usual supply of hard shells, the Crab Guy was offering live soft shell crabs. If you like crab, but have never tried soft shells, you should get on that right away. They are so delicious.

Per the Crab Guy’s suggestion, we had planned to grill our soft crabs, but since it decided to rain all evening, we opted for the more traditional frying method. So crispy and so, so good.

Cooking soft crabs only takes a couple of minutes, but before we could get them to golden brown perfection, we had to kill them, clean them and season them. Now when I say we had to kill them and clean them, I mean D had to kill them and clean them. Crabs are really creepy looking and they kind of squick me out.



The prep was a fairly simple process, but rather than try to explain it, I’ll just point you to a helpful video.


Once the crabs were cleaned and ready to go, we seasoned them with salt and pepper and toss them in a little bit of flour to ready them for frying. As you would with any type of frying, you just heat some oil in a pan and toss the crabs in.



They only need a couple of minutes on each side and are done when they look golden brown and crispy.




You don’t have to turn your soft shell crabs into a sandwich, but I really prefer them that way. We served ours with tomato, green cabbage for some additional crunch and some Old Bay mayo (literally just regular mayo with some Old Bay spice mixed in), and placed it all on some fresh challah that we picked up at the Market that morning.




They were so delicious and were the perfect ending to a wonderfully fun and relaxing Baltimore weekend!




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