Thai Basil Hummus

I am completely overwhelmed by summer. At heart it’s such a fun, relaxing season, but the problem is that everyone wants to have fun and relax together, so my schedule ends up way overbooked. The main issue is that when it comes to scheduling things, I do a poor job of factoring in how fantastic all of my friends are and how much time I want to spend with each of them. This was definitely an issue last week when I found myself having drinks with one friend, followed immediately by rushing off to a party at another friend’s house, for which I needed to bring a dish to contribute to the festivities. I had about 10 minutes to throw something together before I absolutely had to be back out the door.

The moral of this story is that even though this Thai Basil Hummus recipe says you should allow the hummus to chill for an hour or so before serving, you totally don’t need to. It was quick to make, easy to clean up and was ridiculously delicious served pretty much right away without having been chilled at all. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture, what with all the rushing. In a pinch, in a mad dash, on a crazy summer night when you’re booked back to back with the world’s most beautiful and fabulous friends, this is a perfect go-to for an interesting spin on a basic, simple dish.




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