Quick and Easy Cucumber Salad


Thanks to our CSA and the one cucumber plant I planted in the garden, this has pretty much been the summer of the cucumber in our house. I’m not complaining. I make this cucumber salad all the time. For all you know, I’m eating it right now as you’re reading this. There’s a really good chance that’s true. That’s how often I make this salad.

It is so easy to make and pairs wonderfully with pasta dishes, grilled fish, turkey burgers, sesame noodles, Indian food. I’m seriously not kidding when I say I make this all the time. I eat it with everything. I probably walk around smelling like a mixture of vinegar and one of those cucumber candles from Bath & Body Works. Sidenote: Bath & Body Works used to be one of the main destinations when my friends and I would go to the mall in middle school. We would just go in there and spend like half an hour sniffing stuff. I went into one last year for the first time in probably a decade or so and it was like being punched in the face by smell. It was awful.

But back to the salad. Make this. Eat it. Enjoy being alive. Rinse and repeat a hundred times over. It’s that good.


Here’s what you’ll need:

Cucumbers (obviously)

Red onions (it really works best with red onions, so I don’t recommend substituting for a more muted colored onion)

Sea salt

Vinegar (I’ve used both cider and red wine vinegar in the past with great success. I personally prefer it with red wine vinegar)

Dijon mustard (I pretty much never have dijon mustard, so I just use the spicy brown mustard we always have on hand. Both work)


Here’s what you’ll do:

Slice your cucumbers thin. If they are old and nasty, peel them and scoop out all the soggy seed stuff first so it’s not mucking up your salad’s crispness.

Chop red onions and toss with the cucumbers and a bit of salt.

Mix together vinegar and mustard in a separate bowl. Just experiment with the amounts until you get a taste you like.

Pour mixture over the cucumbers, toss, season with additional salt to taste and serve.






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