Homemade Granola


Do you make your own granola? If not, you should really start. It’s incredibly easy and you save tons of money. I know that a lot of people avoid granola because it has a reputation for being loaded with fat and calories, but when you make it on your own, you can control the ingredients that send the calorie count up. You can cut back on the dried fruit, cut out brown sugar completely, or use apple juice as your sweetener.

My granola making mostly closely resembles this recipe. In my most recent batch, I used maple syrup as my sweetener (and no additional sugar) and I added some sunflower seeds, dried cherries, ground cinnamon, ground ginger and a little bit of sea salt. It’s definitely good. I like adding ginger because I think it helps pull back and balance out the sweetness a bit. But the world is your oyster and you can make your granola any way you want!



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