Recipe Rundown

A while back, my phone broke and I lost a bunch of my photos, including most of the pictures I had taken of the recipes I’d made. So in lieu of individual posts with yummy photographs that make you go, “ooh, I want to make this tonight,” I’m going to hit you with a barrage of links to a bunch of stuff I’ve made and enjoyed over the past few months. Some of these are not especially seasonal since I made them back when the air was cold and there was ice on the ground (don’t miss those days!), but they are definitely worth checking out and at least bookmarking for the future.

Pumpkin Sage Polenta (you can use cornmeal to make the polenta).

Red Lentil and Squash Curry Stew

Chickpea Fritters

Shrimp with Bacon and Collards (D made this recipe. He left out the bacon and before he covered the collards to steam, he dumped a bunch of Old Bay in with them. It was delicious.)

Homemade Strawberry Shortcake (I served this with vanilla ice cream instead of whipped cream. It’s a perfect summertime dessert!)




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