Summertime Pasta With Squash and Corn



Dan and I are getting ready to move. We have three weeks before we close on our new place, and while we don’t absolutely have to be moved out of our current house by that point, we want to get this place up on the market, so we’re doing our best to shoot for that three week timeframe. Moving is so overwhelming. No matter how many times you’ve done it in the past, it always feels as massive and daunting an undertaking as it did the time before. Our house is in a state of organized chaos. Since most of our packing, cleaning, moving preparation has to occur in the evenings when we are both home from work, we are definitely going to need some quick and easy meals for the weeks to come.

First up, this Summertime Pasta with Squash and Corn. The recipe calls for rigatoni, but I didn’t have that on hand, so I went with tri-colored rotini. Despite the use of butter, this pasta tastes really light and fresh. I definitely recommend using fresh corn that you cut straight off the cob, and a sweet corn pairs particularly well with the squash flavors. I used regular crookneck squash, but I think any kind of summer squash would work. It’s very quick, very tasty, and very likely something we’ll be eating again and again in the weeks to follow.



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