Before & After: Bedroom

I had forgotten how long it takes to feel settled again after moving to a new house. In college, moving pretty much every year, I got really good at packing up whatever belonged to me in a shared house and getting it unpacked and settled in a new place with a 24 hour turn around. But in the (over 7–yikes!) years since then, D and I have accumulated a lot more stuff. We did a big purge before moving out of the old house, but even still it has been a long, slow process figuring out where each piece of furniture should go, how best to store off-season items, what needs to be done to make each room feel comfortable and complete. It’s been a little over a month since we moved and I’m happy to say that, despite one room still full of boxes, we are feeling settled and cozy and happy with the decision to move. It was a long month, though.

The first thing we did after getting the keys to the house was rip up the old, stained, nasty carpet that was covering all the floors upstairs. We crossed our fingers and pleaded with the universe that the floor beneath would be old, but ultimately lovely hardwood that we could refinish. It was not to be.


Paint splattered plastic faux-wood was not ideal. We tossed the mattress down on top of it and spent two weeks sleeping on the couch or in the empty, barren bedroom. The walls, like the floor, were also stained and dirty and nothing gets on my nerves quite as much as beige paint, so the whole room required a good makeover.



We are still waiting on delivery of a handmade shelf that will hang above the bed, but otherwise our bedroom transformation is complete. We painted a soft blue on the walls to brighten up the space, and installed carpet over the nasty floors.


The room is so comfortable now, and very restful. It’s nice and bright on a sunny day. There’s a great big tree outside one window and I love waking up to the sound of birds in the tree and the breeze rustling the branches.

But my favorite part of the room, of the whole house really, are the deep window sills.


I can fill them with books and framed photos and other small items and still leave plenty of room for the cat to stretch out and enjoy a little bird watching.

D and I will be hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the first time ever this year, and my goal is to have everything unpacked and set up before that. Thankfully, we are well on our way.






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