Slow Cooker Spinach and Artichoke Dip

I don’t really do Halloween. That isn’t a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking, when the holiday rolls around I never feel like I have the energy to dress up and party hard and go the appropriate amount of crazy that adult halloween without any kids seems to warrant.

In past years, our neighborhood held a block party and D and I would create games for the trick or treaters and we’d have a huge line of people. It was intense, but it was still over by 9 and I got to wear my normal clothes and then go home and sit on my couch. Our new neighborhood had zero trick or treaters, and there was no small part of me that would have been content to spend the entire night on my couch, in sweatpants, watching movies and eating all of the candy that we didn’t end up passing out. But instead we managed to work up enough festive energy to change into actual clothes (still not a costume; I have to be true to who I am), and join in on a friend’s block party one neighborhood over. It was a good time and we were able to pass out part of the candy we had purchased.

I made this Spinach and Artichoke Dip for the festivities. Served in a bread bowl with tortilla chips for dipping, it was a HUGE hit.

And now we move on to Thanksgiving. D and I will be hosting for the first time this year. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, but I’ll be honest that the idea of a house full of people and an entire meal to prepare for 10+ diners feels a little intense. Do you have any go-to Thanksgiving recipes? Side dishes that are easy, but delicious? Things that are perfect for preparing ahead of time to decrease oven and kitchen crowding on Thanksgiving Day? Any great advice on how to manage a first-time Thanksgiving meal? Share it in the comments and help ease my anxious mind.







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