Quiet Mornings

I secretly love gray, rainy mornings. A darkened, drippy day automatically slows me down and I ease my way through my morning routine. I sit a little longer in my cozy living room, my sweet dog at my feet, and quietly enjoy my coffee. I curl up and indulge in starting a new book or reading the paper before I address any of my work obligations for the day. I let new messages sit unanswered in my email inbox. I send all phone calls straight to voicemail. I give myself the freedom to be quiet and still and soothed by the sound of rain pinging against the windows.

I am looking forward to the sunny forecast this weekend, though. Rainy days mean my garden has exploded with weeds, and the late start to spring has set back our patio-building plans. I am excited to have a nice weekend at home to knock out some of these outdoor tasks and really take advantage of our outdoor space. The fall was all about setting up the new house. We didn’t get much of a chance to enjoy our yard before winter hit and you had to drag me out of the house kicking and screaming. Now that the house is comfy, organized and basically finished for the time being (minus a few pictures that we still need to hang), ’tis the season for outdoor projects. I look forward to sharing our progress soon.

Have a great weekend!



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