“I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it to the food.”

~W.C. Field~

I am not a chef, or a baker, nor am I a cook by any definition that extends beyond a basic preparer of food. I would use the term Kitchen Experimenter if that didn’t sound so horribly obnoxious. I like to try my hand at recipes and new types of foods. Even better, I like to get a recipe’s foundation firmly cemented in my brain and then adapt it on a whim based on what ingredients I have on hand, how much effort I’m willing to exert on a given day, and what I’m most in the mood to eat. For me, cooking is about the accumulation of go-to meal ideas, the enjoyment of trying new things, and the ability to pat myself on the back for being surprisingly adept in the kitchen.

Market To Make It chronicles my attempt to work through our weekly CSA bounty before all the fresh produce can go bad, and keeps track of other recipes I’m trying for the first time, or making on the regular. This blog is essentially an online recipe keeper, but also includes posts about projects I’m working on, jewelry I’m designing for my shop and just generally what is happening in my life.

Everything I make gets added to the Food category, so check in there for rundown of what I’ve made. You can read more about me in my introductory post.

Questions, comments, got a recipe you think I’ll like? Email me at bmorewell at gmail dot com.

Cheers and happy eating!



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