Rainy Day

It’s a dreary, rainy morning and I want nothing more than to stay home all day.

We moved last weekend and are slowly getting settled in our new place. It’s an old stone house with a great, big tree right outside the living room window. I feel so cozy sitting here, drinking coffee and listening to the rain fall. I don’t want to go into work today. I don’t want to deal with slick roads. Don’t want to dodge puddles and still end up with the cuff of my pants soaked through.

I want to sit on my couch all day with a hot mug of one of these teas and a good book.

Or drape a warm, cozy blanket across my lap and watch a classic black and white movie.

Speaking of movies, today seems like a good day to binge watch some trailers and decide what’s on my must-see list for this fall.

Or maybe I would just spend all day sleeping, curled up alongside this guy:

photo (1)


What are your favorite things to do on a rainy fall day?