My Newest Jewelry Designs

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Just in time for holiday shopping, the jewelry designs that I’ve been working on all season are finally completed and ready for purchase in my Etsy shop!

I am so excited to share these designs in part because I am really proud of them.




I love the color combinations and the balance of wire work and beading that I created.

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But mostly I’m excited to share them because I am so ridiculously pumped about how incredible these photos look!

I don’t tend to think of myself as an especially successful person in any traditional sense, but one of my greatest accomplishments in life has been to surround myself with so many smart, talented and inspiring women. Among this group is my dear friend, Naomi, an amazing photographer who took all of these wonderful photographs for me. I basically handed her all of the jewelry and told her to do whatever she thought would look good and, as always, Naomi did not disappoint.

If you live in the Baltimore/DC area and are ever looking for a great photographer who is an absolute joy to work with, seriously, look no further than Naomi at Urban Row Photography. She’s amazing and delightful and she’ll make you look great in pictures even if you’re like me and you don’t know how to smile naturally or rarely manage to keep your eyes open.

To check out the rest of the photos, and purchase my newest designs, please visit my Etsy shop. You can take $5 off your purchase by entering the coupon code MARKET at checkout.

Happy holiday shopping everyone!






Quinoa Salad With Maple Vinaigrette

Our neighborhood had a potluck gathering last night. It was so nice to have an opportunity to meet all of our new neighbors and relax on a beautiful early fall evening, chatting and drinking and getting to know everyone. All of the people we met were wonderfully kind and interesting and we felt instantly welcomed into the neighborhood. It was a great night.

Since I was working yesterday and D was busy running errands all day (we still have a lot of settling in work to do!) we didn’t have a lot of time to fix something for the potluck. Needing something quick, but good for sharing, I found this Quinoa Salad. Tossed with pears, baby spinach, and chickpeas in a maple vinaigrette dressing and topped with pecans, it was full of fall flavors. Hearty, but still light, it was a perfect side salad. I’m sure I’ll be making this again in the months to come and I’m thinking it will pair really well with chicken in an apricot or cranberry sauce.

After a very long, busy week of work last week, I am excited to take the day off today. There are a lot of house-related things that I need to get done, but I am very tempted to spend the day on the couch, just relaxing and recouping. In the next few weeks I’ll be launching a new line of designs for my jewelry store, so perhaps I’ll spend the day getting a few more pieces ready for sale. Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ve been working on!




Here’s What I’ve Been Cooking Up Lately

I have been a little quiet around here lately. Some of that was the Thanksgiving holiday. Whenever we leave town for a few days, we try to make really basic meals leading up to our departure so that we don’t have a lot of fresh food in the house just waiting to rot while we are gone.

Some of it was that in the week leading up to Thanksgiving, we were having carpet replaced, which meant hurrying to paint the bedroom before the old carpet got ripped out. And meant moving all of the furniture out of three rooms and stashing it all in the dining room for several days on end. When you live in a row house and have very few rooms to begin with, having to fully empty three of them makes for quite a bit of clutter.

But what has really been keeping me from exploring lots of new recipes and sharing them here, is the launch of my new Etsy shop, CMT Designs!

For the past few months I have been busy creating handmade jewelry. I have finally built up enough inventory to launch my shop and I’m so excited to share it with you here!

The creation of this shop has really been a labor of love, and finger joints. Mostly a labor of finger joints. My hands are very sore.

2013-12-02 11.56.52

Two things I want to be sure to point out.

1. Right now I am running a promotion for the holidays. Use the coupon code HOLIDAY20 and get 20% off of all orders of $25 or more.


2. I have created a special collection called the Give Heart collection. 50% of sales from all Give Heart items will be donated to the American Heart Association. If you are looking for a nice holiday gift, please consider one of my Give Heart items. It’s the gift that gives twice!

2013-10-30 09.40.43

Now that I have my store up and running, I will be getting back to actual cooking ASAP. I also have some recommendations for food-related gift ideas for this holiday season that I will be sharing very soon.

As always, thanks for reading Market To Make It, and thank you for checking out CMT Designs!